Choosing a Cake Stand

Displaying a cake on a stand elevates it, and breaks up the line of sight to draw attention to the centerpiece. Work with your baker to establish the right size stand for their creations.


Clean lines and a sleek brass base make this pretty pedestal a winner for any wedding aesthetic. It holds a single-tier cake.


The size of a typical cake stand is often determined by the number of tiers or other decoration incorporated in a wedding cake. This is a personal choice and most bakers will work with the couple to create a wedding cake that fits their design preferences as well as feeds the number of guests attending. The number of tiers and style of the wedding cake will also determine what type of stand is required to secure and beautifully display the finished masterpiece.

As a general rule, a cake stand should be the same size or slightly bigger than the bottom tier of the cake. This will allow you to place your completed cake directly onto the stand without worrying about unbalancing it. A smaller stand is also a good option for simple cakes that don’t require a lot of decorations.

In addition to a traditional pedestal stand, there are several other types of stands available that can be used to add height to any cake or dessert. Stacking or grouping separate stands can be a beautiful way to display a single or multi-tiered cake and also works well with more intricate or nontraditional designs such as a hanging chandelier cake.

For a more casual display, try a rustic wood or marble pedestal stand. This versatile piece of tableware can also be used to hold tarts and other small treats, making it a great addition to any kitchen. For a more sophisticated option, opt for a glass cake stand like this one from Libbey. The double-walled construction is sturdy and lightweight, so it won’t feel weighed down when transferring it between tables for parties and celebrations.


The material your stand is made of can affect its price, whether it’s dishwasher safe, and how it looks on a table with other decorative elements. The material also determines how heavy the stand is, which can impact its stability and ability to hold a large cake. Iron, metal, and wood stands tend to be more sturdy than glass and porcelain and other stoneware options.

Some stands have small lips around the edges to help prevent crumbs and warm glaze from spilling over, but this might make it trickier to ice and cut a cake. Others, like this swirled mixed clay porcelain piece from CB2, have a slightly rounded lip that helps stabilize the plate while still making it easy to serve and slice. This design is also dishwasher and microwave safe for added convenience.

If you’re looking for a more minimal look, try this modern stand with a food-safe gold material that looks more like a decorative centerpiece than a traditional serving platter. It’s a great pick for smaller desserts, and its base folds under to help it tuck away for storage between uses.

Another minimalist option is this marble stand, which is handmade by a husband and wife team in Brooklyn. Each unique piece is created using natural variations in the stone, so you’ll have a one-of-a-kind serving plate for your cakes and baked goods.


While most people think of a cake stand as a way to present a finished dessert, they can also be used to elevate smaller dishes. This clear glass stand is ideal for presenting a variety of foods, including cheese, dips, and salads. It’s also a great choice for baked goods, as the dome will prevent them from going stale. The removable plates allow you to use it for whatever you need, making this an extremely versatile option.

This sleek modern cake stand from IKEA is available in a range of colors, but we’re especially impressed with the milk glass white version. It has a minimalist design that won’t distract from the food you put on top. It also comes with a plate and a handle, which makes it easy to transport from kitchen to table.

Another popular style is the tiered cake stand, which consists of plates that gradually decrease in size. This allows you to serve several different desserts at once without them getting squished together. It’s also a great way to show off your latest cake creation.

If you want something more decorative, check out this stunning porcelain stand from Spode. It has a beautiful landscape painting that adds an elegant touch to any table. This is a great choice for weddings or anniversaries, but it’s also perfect for everyday dining.


If you are planning on using a Cake stand as a centerpiece, then it is important that it is relatively heavy. This will help ensure that the stand stays upright on the table and doesn’t tip over when guests are grabbing plates to cut into their slices.

Typically, heavier Cake stands have a wide base for extra stability. They also tend to be less expensive than lighter models. Some of the more durable options come with a removable top, making them easier to clean. You should always refer to the documentation or package that comes with your cake stand to find out how to care for it properly.

When choosing a Cake stand, it is best to choose one that is the same size as your cake. A smaller stand may be too small for your finished product and a larger one may not fit well on the counter. The ideal size for your stand will depend on how many tiers you plan on making and how much decoration you want to incorporate into your final cake.

If you’re looking for a modern cake stand that can double as a decorative element in your kitchen, consider this clear acrylic design from Homeries. This versatile option can be used in six different ways and can even hold fresh flowers. The glass lid helps keep your cake or other desserts fresh for longer. It is also dishwasher safe, making it easy to maintain.